Vintage Husky Restorations
Engine Service

1974 Honda Elsinore CR250M
1982 Suzuki RM 465
1982 Husqvarna 250 CR
Our Engine Department offers complete restoration from OEM to  Racing Engines.

All of our Engine Restorations includes Powder Coated cases to match OEM configuration or a customer color preference.

We offer HI-Temp Powder Coatings in Gloss,Flat Black and Silver.

Engine Pic's to the right show
Cylinders in HI-Temp Silver.

   Our Engine Restorations Offer

New Bearings through out.
New Piston, Bearing & Ring(s)
New Gasket package
Transmission Gears Verified
Clutch Condition Verified
Crank Lower Rod end Verified

All Parts Replaced as Required

Ignition Setup Verified

Engine returned to Customer Ready to Run

Porting upgrades are available to any level of performance customer wishes.

We will support any concerns you may have after you received your engine to insure your engine meets your requirements.

     Ship To Address:
         37550 Pheasant Run
      Elizabeth, Colorado 80107
Prices Start At $700.00 + Parts
Mikuni upgrades for replacment of the Bing Carb.

We offer the modifications nessary to install a Mikuini Carb. Machining of the intake manifold, Adding an "O" ring to the air bell on the Mikuni to seal the air cleaner housing.

Rubber tube and Clamps Kits included

     Carb Mod's and Kit
      $49.95 + Shipping
1975 400 WR as received
1975 400 WR Restored
1981 250 CR
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Engine & Chassis Restoration Prices

Cylinder Boring  w/Piston fit.     $75.00
Center Cases & Side Covers Powder Coated  $50.00 set
Hi Temp Powder Coating   Cylinder & Head    $60.00
Wheel Hubs Coated         $35.00 ea
Wheel Rings Coated   $35.00 ea
Frame w/ Swingarm Powder Coated Starts at (any color) $140.00

Small Components Quotes Available

Magnesium Case Welding and Repair