Vintage Husqvarna Restorations
Vintage Tank Restorations
1982 250 CR
1982  500  CR
1973  250  CR
1973  250  CR
1983 500 CR Custom
1979 390 WR
1982 500 CR
1981-82  XC
You can order a tank from us or we can restore yours.

We offer tanks for all models of Husky bikes.

Each Husqvarna tank is unique in it's own condition, each tank is evaluated and is restored back to the most highest level of Restoration.
  Racer Level Tanks

Are finished either in a color match powder coat or painted color match, Graphics applied and several coats of a Urethane Clear Coat, then cut and Buffed to a high luster finish.

Prices Start at $550.00

Museum Level Tanks

We apply the same OEM process to ensure the same out come as Original Production. Re-Chrome may be required.

Prices Start At $1100.00

   Custom Tanks

We can build a tank to your wishes. We can restore your Japanese Tanks to match OEM production or better.

Quotes are available

Give me a call, we can do it!

Britt Davis
37550 Pheasant Run
Elizabeth, Colorado

With the new EPA Paint Specs
The formula for paints to be resistant to the current oxygenated fuels takes time to apply for durability.  Please allow time to get your tank restored.

79 390 WR Prep
1982 CR Prep
Dents Removed
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Custom  KX Tank with 76 Graphics

Restoration Done By Wayne Davis
Custom Maroon Color 76 360 WR Husqvarna
OEM Chrome Tank Restoration
1974 TM Tank Restoration
1983 WR Restoration
Special Order CZ Tank with Polished Knee Area