Performance 1911 Pistols

Now available from Vintage Husky are Performance Accurizing Modifications to your 1911 Pistols

Performance Mods Include:

Precision Fitting Custom Barrel and Bushing to Slide
Trigger Sear Polish and Tuning with Added Trigger Performance Weighted Pull
Calibrate Pistol Recoil Springs Performance to a specific Bullet and Charge Load for Competition Shooting
Machining Slide Cooling Ports For More Consistant  Barrel Tempratures to Enhance Accuracy
Machine in Disconnect Ramps to Enhance and Reduce Slide Travel Resistance.
Precision Hand Fitted Slide to Frame  
Custom Fitting Mag Well and Clip Mated Extensions. Competition Use.
Custom Aluminum Grips Fitting (Personlized for each Shooters Hand Size)
Custom Machined Extended Slide Stop Pad (Allowing for the shorter Thumb Reach)
Custom Machined Extended Mag Release Platform, (Includes machined Grip Recess Thumb Passage).
Calibrated Hammer Spring to Reduce Recoil Feel During Slide Motion  

Pick your Bullet and Load Charge and we will make the most accurate pistol on the Planet.