Base Coat Clear Coat Mix 1qt

CF132 Magenta201.3
CF123 Spec Effect 162.8
CF122 Strone White48.2
CF109 Indo Blue25.7
CF Base Coat Fl    275.1
CF Voc Balance     182.7
Add SplashCA209
4-5 gms of CA209      per/QT

To Make One part Paint Enamel Replace CF BaseCoat FI with CF-214 Enamel Base
Vintage Husky Restorations Paint Code Information
Husqvarna Red
Viper Red is as close as it gets. For tanks we use Acyrilc Enamel single stage with 50% fast hardener for gas proof blend and duability.

Husqvarna Blue
Husqvarna 360 Purple
Husqvarna 430 Maroon
  Husqvarna White

  "Artic White"

All paint manufactures that has a code for Artic White is acceptable like color for the 83 and forward White Husky's
Paint formulas will be Added After Verification
Husqvarna Yellow
Husqvarna Orange
Husqvarna Green
Husqvarna Frame Silver Color Code
  Use 611 Fast Harner  50/50
To ensure gasloine resistance
  Quart Formula:

CF 209  39.3
CF100 314.1
CF5      24.6
CF122    8.6
CF110    2.8
CF224  70.7
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New Silver discovered with smaller silver flake is 2017 Ford F150 Silver. Very close to the OEM Husky Silver
  Ohlins Piggyback & Remote                  Paint Code

       Single Stage GM 8546

    Light Russet Metalic